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Three Things To Know When Applying To College Of Dupage

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If you are interested in continuing your education at higher levels, college admission is the way to go. As you begin your college hunt, make sure that the College of Dupage is on your list. This community college is located in Glen Ellyn, IL, and has a base of 29,000 students. To learn more about this college, its programs and what you should know about enrollment, read these words of advice below.  #1: Figure out what kind of program of study you want to engage in The College of Dupage has a number of areas of study that you can participate in. For this reason, you need to begin doing some research into the programs that they offer to figure out what you think suits you best. Some areas of study that you can take part in when enrolled at this college include accounting, business, nursing, art, language and music. Make sure that you take out a copy of the course catalog, in order to see any degree or certificate tracks available — in addition to individual classes that will teach you marketable skills that you can carry with you into the professional workforce. #2: Visit advisors and tour the campus If you would like to enroll in classes at this college, it is best that you visit the campus to get a feel for their offerings. While here, you should speak to advisors in your program of interest and also sit in on some classes. This will allow you to see exactly what you will experience once you become a student at the college. You will also be able to visit the admissions office in order to see what is required of you to enroll. These courses cost $135 per credit hour, so plan your course load out accordingly. #3: Seek financial help whenever applicable It is important that you seek financial aid opportunities to offset the cost of tuition. You will need to fill out a financial aid form in order to be eligible for any sort of assistance. This includes government grants, student loans and scholarships. There are a lot of scholarships that you should look into applying for, as offered based on your skills, demographics, areas of expertise and other matters. In many situations, you can get scholarships simply by writing an essay. Consider these tips so that you are able to make the most of your educational opportunities. For more information, talk to a professional like Katharine...

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Leadership And Managerial Qualities Hide In Plain Sight In Handwriting

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The subject of handwriting analysis has appeared in the “politics and government” section of the news thanks to the perpetual buzz over the presidential race. Throughout 2016, insights into the personalities of Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump have been published based on assessments of their handwriting. Interestingly, Donald Trump once revealed he looks carefully at a person’s handwriting prior to making a hiring decision. How a person writes reveals how a person may think or act. This is why consulting with a handwriting expert is important when hiring someone in a position of authority who must deal with the public. Certain traits, such as leadership, are preferred in politicians. Leadership and other positive statesmen-like traits are beneficial attributes to possess in the private sector. Employers should look for such traits when hiring. Among those traits would be: The Calm Mind A calm, relaxed person is sure to act in such a way with mostly all of his or her actions. Sloppy penmanship that veers off of designated lines or presents letters that “crunch” together may display a tendency for erratic behavior. Those in need of hiring a calm person should not overlook decidedly not-so-calm writing. The Clear and Distinct Hand When someone’s handwriting displays very clear and detailed letters and words that are very easy to decipher, this may indicate someone who wants to be understood. Being detail-oriented is a must in any managerial position. Handwriting that reflects such an attribute is a good sign. Clear details eliminate ambiguity and all the problems that go with it. The Creative Muse Lettering that shows little tweaks and slight calligraphy-influenced styling may very well indicate a creative side to the writer. Management duties are often thought of as an analytical, administrative, and cut-and-dry. Great managers are sometimes very creative people who discover unique and interesting solutions to office problems. An insight into someone’s creativity may be found in his/her handwriting. Certain skills are required to properly analyze handwriting. An employer should focus on procuring decent samples and then sending them to someone who is capable of reviewing the content. An Analysis Plan Presenting prospective hires with the task of writing up a written report that details bad new – very bad news – about a project provides a perfect handwriting sample. How does the potential manager respond to a stressful situation? What is the hidden psychology behind the written words? Sending the report to a handwriting expert like David Liebman could answer those questions and lead to making the best hiring...

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3 Places To Start Looking For Campaign Donations

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It takes a lot of things to be a successful politician. Energy, drive, focus, and vision are all important qualities that you may possess in abundance. But the stark reality is that without funds to run a campaign, none of those qualities will do you any good. Without donors and support from your community, you’ll never have a chance to put your skills and talents to the test from an elected office. So where can you find the campaign donations that you need? Here are a few places to start. Your Personal Contacts Your own email or telephone contact list, social media contact list, and Christmas card list are the best possible places to start looking for funding. While your own contact file may seem like an obvious place to start, it’s also sometimes the most difficult place to start. It means approaching people who know you well – your friends and family – and asking them for money, and that’s a tough and often humbling thing to do. However, it’s an important first step. The truth is, if you can’t get support from the people who know you best, you’re unlikely to have an easy time getting it anyplace else. So take a deep breath, gather your courage, and call your friends, your family, your in-laws, and your college roommate first. Your Memberships Once that hurdle is out of the way, it’s time to start calling people that you don’t know. One way to find potential donors is through membership directories. Did you belong to a fraternity or sorority? Whether or not you joined for this purpose, you probably know that one of the main perks of belonging to one of these clubs in college is for the networking opportunities later. Get your hands on a membership list and start making phone calls or sending letters. You should also consider your country club memberships, union memberships, and any other civic or social organizations you belong to. And when you run out of those, work on the memberships that your spouse, parents, children, or key supporters belong to. Just make sure that you stay within the rules of the organization when it comes to how you use their membership directory – if unsolicited mail isn’t allowed, but emails and phone calls are OK, respect that and stick to emails or phone calls. Similar Candidates If you were running for reelection, you would have a list of previous donors to pull from. But since you’re a new challenger, you need to find the people who donate to candidates like yourself. Look for other politicians in or near your local area that share your party affiliation or your passion for a particular issues. Their donors are likely to also be your donors. It’s fairly common in politics – especially local politics – for candidates and officeholders to share donor information. You just need to find candidates and officeholders who are likely to support you. Once you identify them, call them and ask for their support directly. You could pull their donor names from their filed campaign finance forms, but this is usually frowned upon, and depending on your location, it may be illegal. It’s always better to ask up front. Besides, if an existing officeholder or popular candidate is willing to...

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Multiple Award Schedule Contracts Through The Federal Government And Your Small Business: What You Need To Know

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The Federal Government has purchasing needs, just like any other business. What sets the government apart from private businesses is their reliance on contracted vendors to meet their purchasing needs. In any given year, small businesses are responsible for 36% of the sales made through government multiple award schedule contracts. Taking the time to determine if your business is ready to be listed with the government’s multiple award schedule contract system will help you be prepared to take advantage of the sales opportunities these contracts can provide. Learn As Much As Possible About Government Contracts Before Requesting A Listing Having a thorough understanding of the way in which the government awards contracts to vendors who are listed through the multiple award schedule system can be beneficial in helping you determine if your small business is ready for listing. Fortunately, the U.S. General Services Administration (the agency responsible for maintaining government contracts) offers small business owners the opportunity to attend informational seminars. By choosing to attend a multiple award schedule basics seminar, you will be able to learn how to successfully bid on government contracts in the future. This information will allow you to better assess your company’s readiness for listing through the government’s multiple award schedule system. Assess Your Individual Company’s Readiness To Work With Government Contracts Maintaining a government contract can be challenging, and it is important that you determine whether or not your small business has the ability to meet the gsa contract demands before placing a bid. Some things to consider include your financial resources and your production capabilities. If you are unable to fund the production of enough goods to meet potential government demand, then bidding on a contract will not be in your company’s best interest. Take the time to assess your readiness to work with the government before requesting that your small business be listed through the multiple award schedule system. Know Your Obligations  Multiple award schedule contracts can be cancelled after they are awarded by the government if your small business fails to comply with certain requirements. Take the time to know that you are obligated to sell at least $25,000 worth of goods in the first 24 months after a contract is awarded, and you must sell at least $25,000 worth of goods during each 12 month period following the initial two year period. Assessing whether or not your business can meet this demand is essential when it comes to ensuring your success as a government contractor. Being the recipient of a government contract could be financially lucrative for your small business, but only if you take the time to educate yourself on the unique demands these contracts place on small businesses...

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